Person wrote - "I can see it happening and found many cases of mobile explosions specially much frequent in Rajasthan. I can say it started there and now i am hearing from mumbai also. There were many victims died of this in last one and half month. It is not only because of cheap mobiles or china made mobiles. The symptoms are :
(1) You get a call with a weird number with green red blue colors in the numbers
(2) You get a call with no number being displayed on screen. You will just see a black or red strip on the mobile screen.
(3) Whenever these number calls then mobile gets heated very much. If we do not attend and it keeps ringing, we can see how much hot the mobile body becomes.

If you attend any one of this types of call, the mobile immediately explodes and can cause death. I don't know how does it happen but this must be done calling through Satellite. Even if we disconnect the call, explosion probability is high. At first even i didn't believe that how can a mobile battery be so powerful to cause death but it is happening.

I cannot say any decisive explanations but it is better and to be on a safe side, if we ignore these types of number or symptoms appears on our mobile."

Similar kind of case is happening in my state too (Assam / India), So can any one provide a tech explanation on this. Is it possible to explode a cell phone remotely?

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Completely baseless and technologically impossible news. Don't believe everything you read over the internet and random emails.

cellphone won't be used if this could happen.
besides, don't you think people who invented such thing wont come up with that conclusion? lol

Ya thanks guys for your support!! Our local media played a big role spreading the hoax all over state.

one of my acquaintances was saved because I had warned him beforhand.

No way it's not possible that mobile can explode if call from unknown numbers. It's just rumors to afraid peoples.

I generally get blank calls from US area code ‘729’. I generally report online.

History: there's a persistent urban legend (which might even be true) that the Mossad once sent (anonymously, or with a false name one must assume) a mobile phone to the head of an Arab terrorist group that they'd loaded with plastic explosives.
The explosives were supposedly set to trigger on the phone receiving a call.
As the story goes, the head of the Mossad then called the terrorist who tried to answer the phone only to have it explode and take his head off, killing him instantly.

I've never found independent verification of this story, but it's a nice one.

Lately of course, terrorists are using cellphones as remote triggering devices for carbombs.

Its baseless and falls news at all. Simple it is not possible to blast any mobile phone by making a phone call on it.

I believed it to be a hoax too.
Back in 2011, i was using a Samsung Metro M (music edition) slider phone. One day while at college, i got what appeared to be a phone call (the phone was vibrating) and a number flashed in Red on the screen. Weirdly, the phone was also simultaneously getting pretty hot. Thankfully, the phone's back cover was pretty loose and i immediately removed the battery, killing the phone. I left it off for around 2 hours while still at college.
I turned it on later and an hour after that, the same thing happened yet again. This time it was in my pocket but not vibrating, just getting hot - it was the heat that made me pull it out of my pocket and found possibly the same number flashing in Red on the screen yet again. Again, i was lucky to have removed the battery immediately to kill it. I didnt put the battery in until 5 hours or so later.

When i powered it on again, it was stuck on the 'Samsung' boot logo but never powered on, just stuck there. And that is how it remained! I took it to an authorized service center where they were absolutely clueless, but told me the motherboard was dead with no chance of repair...
To this day, i have no clue what happened here. I also feel fortunate to have removed the battery in time before an explosion - not once but twice !

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