How can we use an mp3 song for a ringtone, we used to be able to use it on Windows 6.5, are we unable to find any details about it anywhere on Windows 7 mobile phones and there are no choices in the phone's music side to set it as a ringtone or settings?

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Small world as long ago I had apps on Windows Mobile version 6.5 if I recall. Windows Phones are a rare sighting so I'd seek out if there are Windows Phone specific forums. We couldn't follow Microsoft to Windows Phone for many reasons and it seems the app industry felt about the same. The consumers made the final vote.

Hello, I have solved my problem. Just be careful to follow the rules (create a <40sec mp3 of size <1MB), and don't forget to set the Genre to Ringtone (you'll have to actually type the word Ringtone into the Genre field, either preferably through Zune of through Explorer via right-click-properties-details), and then send the audio file to your phone.

Can even go to a contact, click Edit, then select one of the Custom Ringtones for them. (Contacts can each receive different customized ringtones.)

I just did this and it works for me, so if you encounter a situation like me then apply the above method, hopefully it will work for you too.

Still a bit limited, but basic functionality is no longer impossible.

Here is the latest version of sounds for the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system: -phone-7-stock-sounds-ringtones.html It's from Windows .How do we use a mp3 song for a ringtone, we used to be able on windows 6.5, are we unable to on windows 7 mobiles i cant find any .

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