A bromide is a platitude that is especially banal, something like:

Let's leave no stone unturned.

Be as busy as a bee!

This is the only candidate that represents Family Values.

I am sure you'll give 110% in your effort!

We need to think outside the box. (from post that got lost)

War on Poverty.

War on Crime.

War on Drugs.

There was some collateral damage.


Actually it was KBr that was widely used as a sedative.

My date was as ugly as sin.

With the help of hbk619:
"You always find it in the last place you look"

"Well, where did you have it last?" (I'm looking for the cat.)

Even a blind man will find a cat every now and then.

Even a blind man will find a cat every now and then.

Shouldn't that be:
"Even an ugly man will find a cat every now and then."

I am going to get creamed for this (gawd, I love my sense of humor):

If your a homo, take a bromo and wake up feeling yourself in the morning.

Water-board interrogation.

Roads cause traffic like mice cause cheese.

I am taking the moral high ground.

With time you will only remember the good things.

He who hesitates is probably right.

Multi-Tasking: Reading in the bathroom.

Here I sit with a broken heart, came to (explitive) but could only fart.

Downsizing and restructuring.

All the ingredients in our salad bar are organically grown.

Using cow manure as fertilizer, a good chance for you to pick that bleeding Vero toxin producing strain of E. Coli bacteria.

His ideas are like a breath of fresh air.

As focused as a laser beam.

Debt reduction consultation.