Name: Kevin
Height: 5'7''
Weight: Too Dang Much
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Location: Alaska
Age: 48

(10 points extra if you can guess my pet)

Hobbies: Music, movies, reading, humor

Relationship Status: married 27 years

Fav Music: CCM, Blues, Jazz

Education: BS in IFSM

Work: IT Support for the government

Favorite Food: Spicy Asian, German, Italian, Ice Cream

Favorite Movies: My Cousin Vinny, LOTR, Star Wars

Favorite writers: Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Larry Niven

Favorite TV Shows: Sunday Night Football (used to be Monday Night Football before ESPN ruined it), Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Law and Order, Friends

Favorite Video Games: There never seems to be time to play, but I've optimistically bought Crysis and WoW

Stuff you Dislike: alarm clocks, aging ungracefully, the 'Political Correctness' movement, the "dumbing down" of America, idiot drivers (impeding others by driving too slow, etc.), maniac drivers (endangering others--not necessarily too fast), people who abuse positions of trust and authority

Hi Kevin, welcome to DaniWeb.

Welcome! Hope you'll enjoy it here!