I've been a member of DANIweb for some weeks now but have more to add to my profile. As a retiree, my time is spent doing pretty much what I want, when I want, but my husband (also retired) and I still try to be useful by doing some volunteer work.

Computers have played an important role in my many years of employment in a variety of fields: office services, healthcare/medicine, law offices, industry . . . computers continue to play a major role in our lives (not always a friendly relationship) -- that is the major reason for joining DANIweb. Not being a techie, my knowledge is limited to experience and research.

About My Computer: HP Pavillion with AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core processor with an HP wide LCD monitor, and Trendnet router. OS: Windows XP Media Center, SP2, 1 GB memory.

Hobbies: Computing, photography, reading, puzzles, golfing.

In closing, I'd like to greet all "newbies" and "oldies" with "Happy New Year"! I hope 2008 is good to you and your loved ones in every way.

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