good day,

i am using windows xp sp2 (home edition), i had this virus ntde1ect.com and a trojan (dont remember the name) they were detected and deleted by kaspersky antivirus...

after that whenever i tried to access my C drive by double clicking it, i got this "open with" menue, i googled this problem and it was resolved

now the problem i am having is that whenever i try to open any storage device (any type of flash memory) i get the same "open with" prompt
even if i try right clicking it and choosing open or explore, its the same story
i can only access it if i type the drive letter in address bar

nb: i showed hidden files and folders and system files and searched for autorun files and they didnt exist

i think it might be related to registry, cuz it was infected with ntde1ect.com and i had to manually delete them!!

any suggestions........

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Ususally after cleaning any virous that strikes registry or system files it is advised to reinstall windows to avoid any similar cases.

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