Hello all been a while, years in fact. I don't know who remembers me but I did anti virus work on DaniWeb for a few years; back with DMR and all the other veterans. I am in college now, and majoring in Computer Science. Things have died down alot and I hope to be back contributing again. I don't even remember my last post, I think it was in Mod Spot alerting everyone of my coming inactivity. Anyways, hope to change that: see ya around ;)


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<off topic> Didn't you used to have a mozilla firefox avatar?

Haha, yes I did, I forget what it was exactly but it was cutting on IE in some way shape or form ;).


English: Welcome back!
Germany: Willkommen zurück
Greek: Καλως ηρθατε και παλι
Italy: Bentornato
Portuguese: Bem-vindo de volta
Russian Добро пожаловать обратно
Spanish Bienvenido de nuevo

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Get a life. ;-)
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