hey everyone im looking for a software that i can install to create a program to create somthing like a help program for example in firefox you click the tab help and select Help Contents.

Im Looking to make a program like that just not in a browser. does anyone know a way of getting that started and what program to use to do it. thanks.

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awesome that will help lots thanks....

now for the second problem i got is...

i need to create a program that does calculations. i have a php setup is there anything i can import with create such programs. instead of the php scripting going for the web. how about it going into a stand alone program where you dont need internet and is an (.exe)

and i need to make it so it can have imput data like site location, date and, file number so they can create a file. and then they can enter there data and then at the end will give me the results etc.

and basicly tell them that it is accurate to what they have or it needs to be looked at etc.

hard to explain. but ya if this sounds similar to something else that would be awesome to know what kinda software could be used.

correction css not php

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