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I am workin on a web development project . I hav to make a audio player/Mp3 and embed it on the webpage. I use it to play recorded speech messages which is in WAV format. there
are 5 files in the range of 2 to 5Mb size and around 1 min duration.
I need a simple audio player with play , pause and stop button.
plz guide me how to go about or kindly provide reference to workin model.

plz note that iam playin only speech message and not music so iam not sure whether mp3 player is suitable.

looking for a positive reply soon......

thanks in advance.....................

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I would create or get a Flash Player.
FlashKit has tons of these and it is fairly simple to implement.

most come with fully equipped controls such as fast forward rewind and such.

I also saw a nice once that reads from XML so it makes for extremely easy maintenance's.

Visit FlashKit and search for: "XML Audi Player"


Thank u Dangerdev

for your kind advice.

I tried your code for playing a recorded speech which is in WAV format but its not
working .............is your code only for playing music as shown in your demo.......or can i play recorded speech message.........what changes should i make in the code

thank you once again......................

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