Today, Apple announced that they have now sold over 100 million iPods, which comes after they had released the first iPod 5-and-a-half years ago.

Grammy award winner John Mayer said about the iPod: "Without the iPod, the digital music age would have been defined by files and folders instead of songs and albums. Though the medium of music has changed, the iPod experience has kept the spirit of what it means to be a music lover alive."

Today, there are more than 4000 accessories designed for the iPod, which is almost too much to stomach.

"iPod has helped millions of people around the world rekindle their passion for music, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that," said Apple's CEO and cofounder Steve Jobs in a statement.

Let's see if Apple's momentum in the music industry will help them change anything in the OS department with their upcoming Leopard version of OS X.

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MattEvans 473

Erk. I hate those iPods; I'd much rather have a cheaper device, with drop-resiliant solid state memory, a standard device driver, and that lets me drag and drop my MP3 files into it when I plug it into the PC; rather than meandering through that iTunes abomination.

I'd say ID3 did more to define music by songs and albulms than the iPod did. I love music; but I'd never get an iPod.

TheNNS 112

true, the ipod is WAY overpriced, but it's just awesome.

'Stein 150

Agreed with TheNNS.

Also realize that, for it to become "a popular item," it has to be expensive and cliche; otherwise, it wouldn't be "the cool thing to have."

jbennet 1,618

yeah i much prefer my pocketpc to an ipod


As a supporter of iRiver--or iriver, I think--I think the iPod is a well-designed little device, but in terms of all this automatic updating iTunes stuffs I wouldn't want to use it. Like Matt, I really like using little hard drives with Windows-UI friendly compatibility--had to find out how to use UMS mode on my iriver H10.

Copy and paste :D

I also advise Rockbox firmware to anyone who enjoys their portable music player... opens up some options for your player. (including iPods)