Hi . . .
Yehh I am new in the game. A little about me. 29 year have a son and a wife. We live with my mom and dad. Reason why...Have no money to move out. I have to find a way to get money, so that I can move out.
Why I started? I had a work a short time in an internet portal for a year ago. Like calling business to ask if they like to put a banner at the site. Like 18 500 $ for just a button a year...It is crazy! So that’s the reason why I am here. Cant a single code or even put myself online. But that don’t stop me....I will just love to go to me old boss and say: Told you I was good. (Was a bad salesman)
Working now with affiliate program. Have 1 man working for me full time. Put my ID on clickbank links 15 000 links. He is soon finishing. To late I get to know that clickbank do that for you...Yehh I hope that I learn.
Anyway...The reason why am here with you in the forum are that I hope to find some people that can web design. I paid 1000 $ for a site that some say I pay 999 $ to much for. I have around 70 domain, but less money for design.
Here In Norway it cost 50 $ and up an hour. Then the man is a real newbie....That I can’t pay. . . But that move the way for a good business idea: I like to have a niche for cheap web design. Not bad design but more cheap than here in Norway. I have the domain: <domain snipped> (cheap design). So help me out here. You know about someone that can make a website let say 5 pages for 150 - 500 $. Or can YOU? But the design team needs to have an affiliate program....!

Please take contact: <email snipped>

I mean .... Not send me a e-mail. (<email snipped>) . . .Send me a PM.

dont blatantly advertise yourself ;)

I mean .... Not send me a e-mail. (<email snipped>) . . .Send me a PM.

If you want to post a job offer, go to the Job Offers forums. There you are allowed to post your email address and relevant website urls.

OMG almost 30 years old with a wife and kid, and still living with mom & dad :'( You need to grow up, get a job, and start taking care of your own family because mom & dad aren't going to be here forever for you. If you were my kid I'd toss you out on your ass and tell you to sink or swim. And if I were your wife I'd divorce you for being such a lazy bum.

Hi Welcome TO Daniweb Friend :)

Glad to have you with us!

thats a bit harsh, ancient

Hi and Welcome
Harsh but funny :D