hi everyone...

i am srikanth...a computer science graduate from hyderabad,India from a private engineering college.

all through my life i wanted to live with an attitude of not to work under somone as an employee....rather, become an employer if u can......

i want to start out my IT career by doing small scale projects as a free lance programmer..

can u please tell me a few websites where i can find that sort of work?????? thanks in advance.

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There are quite a few websites that provide the service of bidding for projects online. Search for a combination of keywords "freelance, project, programmer, coder, bit"; you are bound to find a few of them.

Even when you work as a freelance programmers , customers will be after your blood most of the time, you can register at freelance website like SNIP

thank you very much guys.

If you have a good custom base ,to be a free lance programmer is a good choice .In that case ,you do not need to stay in office allday long .

SNIP is an awesome resource!

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