HELLO WORLD! I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.

My name is jeff. I am 16 years old, again... for the 22nd time.
I really don't live anywhere. I work for a company that travels around the U.S
11 months out of the year. I live on the worlds longest privately owned train. Along, with about 200 or so other people. No. Really.

I am married, and we have a nine year old daughter. And another on the way. Due in august. My family also lives with me on the train.

Am I a computer geek. I don't know really. I love being on the pc for hours a day. I love learning about things that have to do with the pc.
I have learned a little bit of... AUTOCAD...PHOTOSHOP...MATHEMATICS IN GAME DESIGN...3ds max6, forgetaboutit...AND YES... C and C++...

A guy by the name of DON was traveling with us for about 8 months. During those eight months he set up my laptop with the BORLAND compiler. And he started to teach me C.

"C came before C++, so learn C first," he said.
I was dumbfounded that I could actually learn this. I have always wanted to make my own programs. O.k. I would dream of it.

He taught me for only a few weeks. The company that I work for doesn't leave alot of time for other things. He wanted to teach me more, and I wanted to learn more.
But, I had a family that I was neglecting.

Soon after, he left and went back to school. He was studying in phoenix for computer arts or something like that. Boy do I miss those lessons.That seems so long ago...

Now I am left here to scour the web trying to find two things: how to get the BORLAND compiler working on my new laptop, and courses, classes, lessons, tutorials, anything on learning how to program in C\C++.

I have also tried devc++. It just doesn't want to execute. If anyone has any tips, links or
lessons, the help would be very much appreciated.

My wife thinks if I figure out how to get the BORLAND compiler running, my time on the pc will be limited. HEH HEH!

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Welcome to Daniweb Jeff! Thats an interesting intro ! Umm.. Installing Borland C ? Read the first readme of this forum.


ty jbennet. You and ancient dragon have helped
me get going. Woohoo!

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