Hey hopefully this is the right place.
I am completely new to Linux, i have just had a linux server bought for me as i was in desperate need of a dedicated server, the only problem is i am unable to access the server using the site's url or via it's IP, only by SSH and SFTP.
When i got in touch with the hosting company they said

We've checked and it appears that you may not have set the dns up on the server correctly:

dig blah.co.uk @xx.xx.xx.xx

If you resolve this issue then it should work again.

They also mention that unless i choose to install Plesk that i have to sort the issue out myself.

I don't know how to solve the problem, i tried the few bits i could scrape off google with no avail.

If someone is able to assist i would be greatly appreciatve.

P.S. below is a screenshot of the dig result (if it helps)

Many thanks in advance for any help given

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what version and brand of linux is it running

CentOS 5

is HTTP allowed in the firewall?

type "setup" and choose "firewall configuration"

commented: Thanks for solving something so simple but important +1

Thankyou very much it is all sorted now


Ok it is not sorted, i thought it was. I can now access the server by IP address but not by url... any suggestions?

is there a published A record for the server?

How would i go about finding this out?

dig or nslookup

The pic on the first post is a result of dig

and you manage your own DNS, or does the provider do that for you?

I manage my own DNS

in that case you need to read up on general DNS and on bind/djb (whatever you are using there) to set up your server properly. until you do that - IP only

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