hi:) I'm fairly new here.. just been peeking around for most of the time. I'm interested in studying computer science.. next year hopefully :) Had a few things which have prevented me making a start :/ but I'm still interested lol and I figured it was time to say hello to you all :)

My name is Susie and I'm from near Manchester in England. So far I've only done basic stuff but I think we all have to start somewhere :) I made a start with learning c++ some time back.. I'm not exactly sure where I'm hoping to end up. I've enjoyed learning but I've had to take time out lately due to unforeseen circumstances. Give me time and I'll be back with it :)

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Let me count the smilies in your post......one, two three, four, five !

Hi:)Susie:)..welcome:) to:) Daniweb:)

And the sixth one here :)


Thank you all for your kind welcome :) and my apologies for overusing the smilies lol

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