If this isnt a right topic please move this thread.

I finaly got $2500 and I decided to buy laptop. I am looking at this toshiba(P100-S9762):


I heard a lot about some crappy batteries which dont work after a year of usage. If enyone knows if this laptop has that batteries please tell me.

The second thing is: Is this a good laptop (not just about preformance)
Id like to bee sure it will work for about 4 years. So I hope it wont stop working.

And the last thing:
Is possible to get something like "AUX" power so when battery would be empty I could have some other "battery" which would charge it.

Sorry for my mistakes...I am just too upset..

Thanks in advance,


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all batteries wear out in about 1 - 4 years of use. Its something you have to live with. In terms of "aux" power most laptops have the option to get a higher capacity battery (usually gives you about double the time e.g 2 hours -> 4 hours of use but at a similarly doubled price and weight)

But its ok right? Does this laptop support higher capacity battery?

dont know about the battery youll have to look into it.

Toshiba are generally a good brand of laptop (well, maybe not as good as sony) but are miles ahead of dell and acer.

You may want to look on crucial and see how much an extra gig of ram RAM as 1gb is a bit low for vista (runs in reality like xp with 384)

Well is possible to upgrade ram later?

Depends on the laptop, Google it

I have a thinkpad and a compaq laptop and upgraded them from 512 to 1gb. They take SODIMMS usually (there basically small ram (about 1/2 sise) for use in laptops - it slots in at an angle. Often all you have to remove a screw holding on a cover and slot it in.

thats a lovely laptop. Might be able to get it cheaper though...

nono... I finally decided to get this...

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