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I am starting out as a web designer, and I am not getting many requests to design websites for small businesses. This web designing is not a full-time job, but it's something I do on the side. Anyways, since I'm not getting many requests, I wondering if my way of getting requests is viable.

I am thinking of browsing for web pages that are very poorly designed (and that are obvious that the person who designed it didn't have much skills in developing web pages) and making my own, better version of it. I wouldn't make the whole website, but just 1 or 2 pages. I could post the half-completed website temporarily and send them my proposal, and if they liked it, they would hire me to develop the full website. If they decided not to, I could just take it off the web.

My target is small businesses, such as local restaurants, retail stores, etc. EG> this is a VERY poorly designed website (well, it's very simple):
and I was thinking of re-designing it and contacting them if they wish to use my better version

Do you think this is an effective way of getting paid/requests to make websites?

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Unfortunately, the market is saturated with designers.

i think its quite a good idea :)

Even though you may think their site is designed poorly, they might have really spent a very long time on it with their limited computer skills and be very proud of it. (After all, it's most likely their first webpage.) They may see you as being presumptuous for thinking their site stinks and that you can do a better job ... for a price.

I can see your point, however I agree your method might not be received very well by these people or they may simply not have the budget for anything better (they might have already invested in this poorly designed site). So maybe its better to catch the people before they have designed their sites. I am sure that when people decide to create a website they look for designers (and appreciate people who do it at the side, who may be cheaper than a company). How about simply trying to place your website higher on the google serach results, maybe a google ad or trying to spread the word through all people that you know. I had a friend who designed websites to, and i was able to get him quite a few projects just by telling people about him (and showing them what he has already done). I hope this helps and wish you lots of luck!

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