Hi there all developers out there.

I am an entrepreneur from Central London, and I am opening a new concept in bar/lounge in Central London. It will be a luxury lounge/bar for high end users with interactive environment.

What I need is someone to develop a one integrated system (touch screen system, point of sale software, ordering system and membership system) which will allow the following:
1. For customers who are members and hold their credit card details on system, to browse a menu and order themselves drinks through "pleasant to eye" touch screen devices (thin tablets integrated into a nice casing - maybe books)
2. For customers who are NOT members, to be able to browse menu and call a waiter/waitress through this device.
3. For ALL customers to be able to send messages across the table, for members to have their own persons on system, and for guests to be able to name guests, so that multi users on one table can interact with multi users on the other table.
4. For MEMBERS with their credit card details to be able to order drinks, fruits, flowers, etc to OTHER tables. And for those sitting on these table to be able to accept or refuse this "gift".
5. This system needs to be linked to membership system which will also be linked to Point of Sale, so that for example when a member spends 500 pounds on one day, it gets logged in his membership profile under spend cell.. Also membership system will be able to monitor what member usually orders, his preferences and how often he visits the bar, etc.
6. This system needs to be able to send orders to the bar and kitchen and manager's PDA (for orders of flowers, expensive champagne, etc) through these touch screen devices and through hand held devices of waiters/waitresses.
7. The architecture of this system needs to be smooth like Apple's iPhone or Microsoft Surface.
I understand that a team is needed for this project, but thats up to developers to make one.
I am contactable on my personal email which is artur@artur.co.uk or on my mobile in London which is +447765565565
Let me know your ideas, rough budgets and implementation techniques.
Best Regards,
Artur Krivov

Have you ever seen uWink concept, maybe they have done must of what you are looking for.

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