I am not sure if this is the right thread, but this seemed to be the most broad one I can find. I would like to create an image on a disc of a file, that did not come from another cd. Is that possible? Basically, I just want to make an executable disc, however with the program I have, Roxio, it wont let me select the file I want to turn into an image because it does not have the right ext name, how can I turn this program into an image to make executable disc? Thanks.

what is the extension of th e file that you want to make the executable disc from. You can make a image with roxio by inputing your file in data form and when you want to burn on the drive or writer's option you choose the image recorder that will enable you to make an image

It is just a .exe, what I am trying to do is load hijackthis onto a cd, so if I put it in a computer it just starts, I know I can put it on there as data and access it that way, and I know it won't save that much time, but I just want it to start as an exectuable cd. I think I do remember what you are talking about, isn't there also a make this cd executable option you get at some point? Or is that only when you are creating an image? Either way, I will mess with it when I get home, I just wanted to see if it was an easy step I was missing before I waste a couple of cd's.