hello folks........
i have downloaded an update(bin)file from internet to update my AVG anti virus.now i don't know how to place it in the antivirus folder .i know there is a option popped out when we click on updates(it asks whether from internet or from folder).now as locate the file it doesn't recognizes it as an virus update file.
plz help........................................

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I remember I did this once for my friend who doesn't have internet connection... But in my case I downloaded around 7 bin files... Maybe this is your problem.

Try to download all the update files, put them in one folder and then point your update to that folder.

Good luck :)


Open AVG program.

Go to the Control Center.

Double Click on the Update Manager or select it then click the Properties button.

Untick the option "Do not ask for the update source", click Apply and Ok.

Click the Update button.

Click the Folder button.

Go to the folder where you have downloaded the update files.

Click Ok.

Hope this helps...

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