How are you all doing today?

My name is Victor from Massachusetts and I am trying to look into some ideas for getting a business up and running (i.e. gaming servers, online stores, etc.)

I am looking to find out how I set up gaming servers and/or the website to advertise and get sign ups.

Besides me spilling my guts on how I want make money I am also looking to talk with some interesting people and "get my geek on"

Hope to hear back,

Pleasure to meet everyone I do...


Welcome Victor !

Hey Nav,
Did you just call me an idiot... hahaha

Thanks for the welcome I think...

Where is a good place to get advice in here?


Lol.. About the advice, well, it depends on the topic ! If you need some advice/help on hadware, post it in the hardware forum, if you need help on php, post it in php forum ! :)

Clear enough ?

I figure that...

I am looking into setting up some gaming servers to rent out and I am trying to get some advice to such a beginner aspect as far as how to set up a server to start...

Very much a beginner here...

Any advice as far as what sort of business would be a good one at the time... What do you think is a good route to go?


Hi Victor...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Thanks... Nice to meet you


theres a lot of money in setting up ranked dedicated servers for gaming clans

clans are like clubs - generally members donate a small fee for the running of the server, and have control over the maps played etc...

Thats exactly what I am trying to get going...

Let me know if oyu have any other info to help

Thanks again

Glad to have you with us!

Glad to be here myself

Thanks... Nice to meet you