No, I'm not writing a brute force cracking program, just getting that cleard up (I would have guessed that if someone asked me this).

I actually started making an anagram solver, sort of. It was actually for the game "Bully" and the english lesson where you have to make words from a list of chars, I suck at word games and decided "I would show it". Yeah....

Well I didn't think about where I would actually get this list of "every word in the English Language". I tried a spell checker word set, seems to contain what I think might be syntax rules and other "long" words that dont really come up in word games.

Didn't post it in a help section because I'm not really looking for help, just looking for some insight into how others (I'm assuming there must be a lot of people on here who wrote anagram program at some point) solved this issue.

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Yeah, I was hoping for just a giant list of every list in the dictionary, each word on a line without the definition. Well I'm using these lists combined:

seems to do the job ok (and most importantly beat that game).


>>I was hoping for just a giant list of every list in the dictionary
which dictionary? there are quite a few of them and they all contain a different set of words.

anyway, thou complain too loudly that thou are not creating anything illegal ;)

Sorry forgot about this.
@Ancient Dragon:I was thinking something like the oxford standard dictionary in list form, something suitable for a word game.

@jwenting: People can jump to conclusions when you ask for 'every word' in the dictionary, I should point out that I have come across really good lists for cracking, they just don't work too well for word games.

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