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I know the first thing to suggest would be the normal.dot file, but I don't thin that is the problem. If it is, then simply replacing it with a non-corrupted version is not fixing the problem. Here's the problem:

When you open word 2003 (only under 1 user account) you get the message that there was an error and then you have to open in safe mode. Here is what I did to fix the problem, but only temporarily:

I ran the repair installation: didn't work
Uinstalled and reinstalled: didn't work
Replaced the normal.dot file: didn't work

Uninstalled Office 2003, installed 2000, replaced the normal.dot file at a couple different spots, reinstalled 2003: worked until the next time the user logged off/on.

Any other suggestions?

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Has anyone figured this out? I have used the User Profile Hive Cleanup and the problem still exists. This is the error signature:

AppName: winword.exe AppVer: 11.0.8215.0 AppStamp:48000d55
ModName: winword.exe ModVer: 11.0.8215.0 ModStamp:48000d55
fDebug: 0 Offset: 008dd84c

Unfortunately, I still have not figured this out. Next week I am actually going to go in and reimage the user's machine. Probably overkill, but I can't figure out anything else that will fix it.

install REVOUNINSTALLER and remove office via this uninstall program.it will allow you to delete the registry of this files(stated in bold). go to the location where files was installed unhide all hidden files and delete.now install fresh copy of office 2003
Revo is the far better than the win add\remove programs i use it all the time

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