Hello there all;

My name is Luis i am originally Spanish ( one of the crazy ones) but currently i live in London.

To follow tradition with the "Tell us about yourself" read me. i will then lay out my questionnaire:

NICKNAME: known amongst my friends as "dracula"
HEIGHT: 2 metres or 6,7 feet
WEIGHT: Umm...actually didnt weight myself in ages, but athletic complexion.
HAIR: Black hair with grey hair...*sigh*
EYES: Turquoise
LOCATION: (Grey, rainy, cold, suddenly sunny, suddenly freezing) London
HOBBIES: Run in front of bulls, hardcore partying, dancing, surfing, snorkelling, playing computer games, watching films , drawing, designing, beiing creative, travelling, Playing harp, jamming ...
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single but plentiful
FAV MUSIC: Anything that makes my body move at the rithm of the song, but mostly techno, trance, dance.
WORK: Freelancer
FAV MOVIES: Starship troopers (1), terminator 2, Totall recall, fifth element, die hard with vengeance,....
FAV VIDEOGAMES: Quake III Arena, Call of duty 4, Gears of war, EVE...
DISLIKES: Drinking restriction measures in the UK

All my life has been orientated to anything related with art and design, but in the past few years i have been attracted to the world of website design/developing. I know that i am still a noob in this kind of things, but yet i know something, and i hope to improve my knowledge and skills within this forum, and hopefully make a ton of friends that understand what i am saying without them getting either bored or calling me a geek..

My education has been a Baccalaureate in arts, BA (hons) Digital 3D Design, SWCD Sun certified web component developer, and currently doing an MA [CIW] internet business and E-Commerce.

Even with all that over my shoulders there it is a lot that i need to learn and practice. So i decided to do a website for a friend of mine who runs a state agency but im encountering loads of unknown subjects that i might need help with, so i will be posting soon within the categories in the forum, unless there is something all ready existant that might help me.

Thanks to all before hand.
Much Cordially

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