Hello to the community,

My name is dancie. I live in the Netherlands. I am 57 years old. I speak Dutch,English,Spanish, and a few other languages to a lesser degree. I have studied mathematics and physics for five years in the university. I begun with computers a long time ago. In 1969 wrote my first program on a Olivetti Programmer 101. I began my real programming on the Commodore C64. I rewrote the operating system. I also worked with the Z80,PIC, and other processors.
When the PC came out in the early 1980's I began to program for the XT. When the 286 came out I wrote a protected mode (16bit) operating system. When the 386 came out I began to transfer this system to a 32 bit system. This is still an ongoing project.
In the 1990's I worked in electronics, my hobby. I worked repairing and designing "high end" hifi. Since 2000 I returned to programming.
I have been programming low level encryption and security code for the last eight years.
My favorite programming languages are assembler,C,C++,and pascal. In that order.
My hobbies are bicycle touring and electronics.

Welcome! Nice intro. :)

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