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many people still use it. I don't, the paperwork here is far too cumbersome that's required to get and retain a radio operation license (and living in a groundfloor apartment there's nowhere to put up an antenna anyway).


Yeah, here there are 3 licences, but you can get them thrugh radio clubs.

I was just asking because a friend of mine has his advanced licence and speaks to people across the world, and he was showing me some of his stuff (he wants me to write a system which sends morse code by a serial port?)


>>he wants me to write a system which sends morse code by a serial port
That would be pretty easy to do in either c or c++. Only have to convert each character to a series of dots and dashes then send them.


Yeah i just gotta write the SW to send the dots and dashes in binary form. He is working on some electonics to get it to then key the radio.

I did a similar thing in ASM for PC to PC comms ages ago , ill try and steal some code from it.

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