Hi Guys,
My name is Ken and I live in the UK.
The Owl is an old grey-haired guy who knows next to diddly.
Computers are funny things, you can do some amazing things without knowing much about 'em. Like being able to fly a plane but not ride a bike.
The knowledge comes in big chunks but not always in any logical order.
Before I start hitting on you guys with my problem I'm going to have a slide round to get to know more of you.
Thanks for being there

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Welcome and yes "you can do some amazing things without knowing much about 'em" especially with the ever increasing "plug n play" programs more and more folks are getting into and expanding on the use of these programs. my niche is networking.


Hi techbound, so no matter how amazing the applications are, people will still want to share 'em.
Have a great day my friend.

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