I have been looking for information about the exams, and how up-to-date they are. Looking for books at Amazon.com really surprised be because most CIW books there are from like 2002. ( I think that CIW site says they changed exam in I think 2005)

Is it not a recognized exam? Is it not popular any more?

Was just wondering if anyone done it recently.

I am having a midlife crisis...LMAO (at 26yo) so just was looking for a new direction. I have been doing amateur graphics and web-design and thought that CIW could be my first step. Now I really dont know where to start.... I wanted to do some home-study, but now it looks.... dead? Is there no demand on new edition of CIW books??? *Confused*.

Any info would be appreciated!

Honestly, I think the certifications for webmasters in general are a little outdated and not so widely used anymore. If anything, a solid portfolio and experience will get you more clients or a steady job in the field above a certification. While the CIW is a pretty widely advertised program on the internet, you might try looking at a university - I know Florida State University offers one, and it's all done online. Many offer certifications that don't take a long time and are just as affordable as the CIW.