Hi All.

I thought it best to introduce myself before I start posting so those involved might know me better for who I am.

My name is Mark (D5reno), and as some of the quick ones out there may guess, I am from Reno (NV, there are others) where I work nights as a Critical Care RN (ICU/CCU/ER) in one of the local hospitals. Since I am mercilessly forced to wade the murky waters of their poorly conceived Windows systems and applications, those in the know will understand what a relief it is to get home to my well loved and trusted Macs. I have 3 kids, so it is as well a comfort that I have the desk to myself at night as they sleep.

I started playing with computers long before you were born R0bb0b (so eat well and get out from behind your computer for a good jog and you may make it this far too). My mom would drop us off at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley CA, where we could use their chunky typewriters, spewing yellow punch tape, for ¢25/hour. We could wait minutes (as the warehouse of mainframes chugged on) for Hammorabie (?) to tell us if we had saved the people for the year. (Some of you know what I am talking about).

In High school I was labeled a geek because I took computer classes (same chunky typewriter, one modem to the university) and in college, I finally found a terminal with a TV screen (About time!). I took some “Basic” programming, but never was much more than an end user all my life. I was there to play! (Big mistake now)

My strong interests have been photography, graphics, gamming and music, so when Steve W. put out the first desktop computer, we got one and I am glad to have been with Mac ever since. I knew that one day the computers would have to get faster to handle the graphics, but have been gratified to watch the graphics push the CPUs too.

Since I have been tinkering with my machines through out these many years, I was never so happy as when Apple realized that their followers really did like to get inside, so put a door on. (Saved me from possible carpal tunnel for all the screwing backs off and on!) I know enough to change components and hardware, and to work through much of the software, but I now have a physical problem with my G4 that has lead me to Daniweb.

I spent a few hours perusing these pages before I signed on and am quite pleased to have found this site, its many knowledgeable members, and the community that you all represent. I look forward to the interaction and will endeavor to be less verbose in my future postings.


D5reno (Mark)

Glad to have you here with us!

Hi Mark;
Thanks for the detailed intro.