I have been hacking away at some ideas for some time and am getting close to a series of software/tutorial products I want to launch on the web. I have been using Realbasic to develop my prototype softwares, this could change as I hopefully get some income from the products and can farm out the coding to a pro.

I have heard about a product called MOSquito or GaunchMOS which is a plugin for RB that accepts 2 seeds, a data input and it will generate a serial number. The problem with their product is there is no real info available, it assumes you are already beyond it's level.

If anyone could point me in a direction to learn about a simple, low cost solution for a user to:

1. purchase a software product from my site
2. receive a serial number vial email automatically
3. enter the email or run in demo mode

I have a pro web guy but he has never done anything related to serial or key generation, but he could get up to speed if there is some off the shelf product on the market with proper instructions we could follow.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Todd Chapman

A ready made system (including all payment handling) is offered by a company I do volunteer support for (mind, they don't pay me, I just get to use their products for free).
While centered around Microsoft Flightsimulator addons, their system should be universally applicable.
Their system takes care of payment, key generation, key validation, piracy protection, etc. etc.


Mind, I don't know how much it will cost you to initially set up, but you might want to contact them.

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