can any one please explain to me that what are the differences and the relationship among algorithm, program and pseudocode. thanks

pseudo code is a DESCRIPTION based on an algorythm. It is used so that programmers can see what is happening. It is good as it allows programmers to understand tasks at a glance


Dim str as string = "heya"
Dim str2 as string = "oh no!"

if str = str2 then
    msgbox("they equal each other")
    msgbox("they are not equal")
end if


[B]if[/B] string 1 equals string 2
    show message box stating both are equal
    show message box stating they are not
[B]end if[/B]

the main reason for using it is during analysis and design stages of creating an application so the designer can work out what is required to happen and create a logical order before attempting to code the given code.

An algorithm is a set of instructions, usually performing a specialized function within an application.

The psuedo-code is english-like statements used in the formulation of source-code.