Hi everyone! I am over my head in this forum which is my first. I am retired living in Mexico (from the U.S.) and have a computer problem. I am trying to solve why my HP Slimline s3100n computer seems to overheat and shut down every 2 minutes when it does an AVG virus check. It also shuts down even when it is doing nothing.

I got on the net and ended up with this site. I do not completely understand all of the rules of the forum - too old I guess. And, to be honest, my main objective is to find some information that can help me lower my frustrations. I am a computer illiterate who is trying to solve a problem.

I will now try to search Daniweb to see if I can find more information about my specific problem. I did find the person who found out it was his Power Supply? I have taken my computer to a local shop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and he is unable to solve my problem.

Sorry for rambling on, but this is why I am writing. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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