My apologies if this question sounds a bit stupid....

I've got 6 PCs(ubuntu) plugged into a DELL switch-5424 and am using IPs

IP of the switch -

Now I intend to create Vlans on the switch...can i group,, -into vlan 2 and,, -into vlan 3
will this work or do i have to use subnetting???

for test purpose,i created a vlan on the switch,added port 13 to it and plugged one of the PCs into that port....but when i do that i cant ping the switch anymore....
When i choose any port other than 13,its back to normal n i can ping tghe switch...
what could be wrong here?


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If you are going to use vlans you'll have to subnet, each vlan gets a different default gateway. As I'm not familiar with the dell switch, I don't know if it handles routing for you as well...meaning does it let you set the ip address of the vlan on the switch? If not, you'll need to configure your uplink port to pass traffic for the additional vlans as well and set the vlan default gateway on your router device. Hope this makes sense.

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