This is probably the wrong place to post this and solairs is Unix not Linux but couldnt find anywhere else so here goes.

I am trying to configure imap in solaris 8. I want to set up a pop3 server on a unix box and then use a windows box with outlook or another email client installed to read the mail.

I have done this so far:

installed SFWimap in solaris 8: (the big first step)

added the following lines to inetd.conf:


map stream tcp nowait root /opt/sfw/sbin/imapd imapd
pop2 stream tcp nowait root /opt/sfw/sbin/ipop2d ipop2d
pop3 stream tcp nowait root /opt/sfw/sbin/ipop3d ipop3d

*end code*

I know the top two proably arent required but what the hell, they cant do any harm.

Anyway that is a far as i have got there are very few guides around for solaris 8 stuff anyway so any help will be apreciated.

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