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I have noticed an interesting trend in the manufacturing sector of the United States the past few years. That trend has become more evident lately. Companies want processes to run with fewer people and at a faster pace thereby increasing thruput exponentially while maintaining the highest quality! Wow, what a concept. Now that is where software development comes in. I love what I do. I integrate hardware and software and make them work for clients. It's awesome! I look at a process that requires 15 people to run and I notice the ever increasing ways they could automate each section of the process. Then I get with my electrical engineer and he orders the right parts to make it happen. Then I write software to communicate with these parts and run a process automatically and with greater precision than could have ever been accomplished manually. So we now take the process from 15 people to 2 people and utilize the other 13 people in other areas. DON'T LAY THEM OFF!!! You just move them to more efficient areas for them. Just wanted to say I love my area of expertise!

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senseless self-agrandisement...

Thank you for the response, I appreciate your comments. The world would be a boring place if everyone thought the same way!

I love my job too... my job will someday be replacing the guys who replace the guys who replaced the people who used to do all the work... eventually people will have nothing to do for a living except be replaced by robots, and then I'll retire.

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