i'm trying to find a way to have a simple input box on my site, all i want is to have a box where a user can input whatever they like and then click a submit button and have it save that to the end of a file.
problem is i don't know the terminology to search for this.
please help
thanks :)

This is easialy possible.

You will need to use a server side scripting language such as ASP.NET or PHP - plain html or client-side scripts like javascript just dont cut it.

i can't use php, i installed it, /server-status says its running ok but it doesn't serve the pages correctly, it just shows the code. still havn't solved that. i have python and perl installed so cgi would be cool, my problem is finding a snippet to start me off. something to give me the basics and i can't find anything about it. i had my son searching google with me earlier for like 2 hours or more and he was getting all mad about it lol. couldn't find a thing except some pre-done things with tonnes of options and you have to register for it. i just want something simple so i can learn from it and add to it. any links would be awesome, thanks

is this on windows or linux?

php requires editing to apcahe.conf etc... to work

to make a text box put data into a text file you could modify a flat file guestbook script

You just have to accept the user input, send the data to a script on the server (python or perl) which would append the data to a file which already exists on the server.

Maybe you should start off with this if you plan on using CGI with Python or this for CGI with Perl. I personally haven't done any of this so don't know a lot but the links should suffice the purpose.