What's the best approach. where to start? HTML, Flash, Macromedia dreamweaver. There so many programs. Help!

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It depends on what you mean by "web design", first of all. Are you talking about programming? Layout? Graphic Design?

Regardless, my advice to anyone who wants to work with the web, is to learn HTML. I've been a programmer for decades, and a web developer for as long as the web has existed, and have never needed a program like Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

A client-side scripting language and few server-side scripting languages would be an advanced step. For now, if you are really going to begin, learn HTML and once you are thorough with the basics of HTML, learn XHTML, and put that into practise. Learn CSS. If you want to get some rough tutorial, find out W3Schools on any search engine to know more.

Of course, Daniweb has a complete section for Web Development, including discussion forums, code tutorials, etc.

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1. first learn HTML, its a foundation for building web pages. if you just use dw mx oe whatever you will surely get into trouble and wont know how to get out of that, and then you will want learn html. so learn it now.

2. learn css. nothing is more important

3. learn javascript. to develop good interactive pages

4. learn serverside scripts asp, php etc... will surely help you someday or everyday.

to learn all these goto www.w3schools.com

ya..good ..nice points were given above..i agree with vishesh tips..Its really good.
these atre the best tools for web designs..

CSS Grid Builder
CSS Sprite Generator
Blueprint: A CSS Framework
logicss: CSS Framework
Clean AJAX
JavaScript Code Improver


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