hi guys i see this advertisement in daniweb.com about microsoft dynamics...

When i click to it, it goes to http://www.logiforms.com/formdata/user_forms/17265_3033495/53474/ where i should complete the form....

Shouldn't microsoft dynamics links transfer me somewhere to microsoft's website?

Also, i am a Computer Engineering student, what use can it be for me a white paper because in wikipedia is says

A white paper is an authoritative report. White papers are used to educate customers, collect leads for a company or help people make decisions


thanks for your time,

PS::i am asking cause i ve never read a white paper before..

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The advert and link is to get the white paper, and you need to register with logiforms to get access to it.

White papers are for anyone who wants to get a more in-depth understanding of a product or service. If you are interested in Microsoft Dynamics and want to find out more, then why not download the white paper and have a read?

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