Not sure if this should be in here.

Anyway my laptop has a dedicated HDMI port, now I'm wondering if that can run two external HD 24" screens? I'm assuming I'd have to purchase a splitter anyway to get the HDMI to a standard digital signal that plugs into a monitor.

Cheers guys.

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What is wrong with you you can run them it is not that hard just run victernat in cmd[go to run and write that.] then allow it.You have to wite your password do.

Eh?! The reason I ask is that the HDMI port located on the laptop requires a dedicated lead.

This lead is normally a standard 1:1 and therefore doesn't allow another monitor to be connected to the same port. My question was could I split this cable into two to provide two monitors out of out HDMI port.

I don't understand your post at all! And victernat isn't a valid command, or one that I've not come accross!!

I don't understand that post either.
This is a function of the video card, so look in Display Properties and see if a two monitor option is offered.

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