Hi guys,
I recently started a home-based online job. I use internet explorer but I it gives a lot of error messages while surfing. I want a browser that provides more features and I wish to open multiple sites in a single window task. Can anyone help me with a suitable and powerful web browser?

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Yeah! It’s a very old issue. Now me and many of my friends are all using Mozilla Firebox for surfing the net. It is a powerful web browser. It provides 101 features that make surfing the web more comfortable and less confusing. You just visit http://www.browsers-review.com and download it easily. Hope this will help you.
Good luck!


Opera - I've been using Firefox for a couple of years but now Opera is free and without ads, I use it because it renders pages more stricktly and shows up more errors with my web page coding. IE and Firefox have the ability to automatically show pages that look right even though the code is incorrect. So Opera reassures me people will be seeing my pages as designed, more correctly in more browsers. I'm no expert at webpage coding just self taught.


Opera, Firefox, Netscape, IE

thats basically it

You left out the best one (my opinion) Safari, which works in both PC and Mac OS.

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