Name: Jared
Nickname: Big J
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 250
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Age: 24

Hobbies: Computer, Hockey (CHL & NHL), Music Theater (live), Basketball (College), My Collectibles – Hockey Pucks and Shot Glasses, and learning French.

Relationship Status: SINGLE

Fav Music: Anything goes just not rap.

Education: I have a Degree in Police Science – Now pursuing an MIS degree!!!

Work: Police Officer (injured) - 911 Communications Center until I finish my degree.

Favorite Movies: I don’t have any favorite movie. 

Favorite TV Shows: JAG, Shark, All CSI, NCIS, Boston Legal, and may more…

Favorite Video Games: Any sport or action fighting games!!!

Stuff you Dislike: Things and People that smell bad!

I am a new member so I will start out with... I am 24 years old and have all ways been interested in computer. I was a police officer up in till about 4 months ago when I injured my back and have to find new career. Now I am working in a 911 center till I get my schooling completed. I was looking over the degree plans and I was told that the MIS degree was the way to go. Is that true? I guess I don’t understand the difference between the Business MIS degree VS the Computer Science degree. Could anyone explain what types of employment would you get with a Business MIS degree? Thanks for anyone what can help ANY and ALL information wanted. I want to meet new people from all kinds of backgrounds I hope that will guide me into a direction that will interest me. So please send me private messages and let’s chat!!!

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