I am interested in a web site which is on sale. Actually its is an existing page and they want to sell it, for $200 or Rs 8,000/- plus Domain $15 or Rs 500 + 500 = 1000/- , design already done. I was thinking to buy and change the domain name and make it a music site and upload songs so that people can do download from it.
They say dat the main servers are located in a state-of-the-art data center in Houston, Texas! I havent met this person(admin), so pls suggest me on how to go about making the right enquiry and to ask the right questioin so that i know what i am gong for.
I am not a web developer although i hav some idea about it.
I will really appreciate if anyone of you help me out here.

Thanks a lot in adv.


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I would find out everything about this domain, it's history, if it's blacklisted and everything about the site owners as well before even considering paying any money for it.

You cannot change domain name , post the name of the website that you are planing to buy , we will be in a better position to comment then.

thanks a lot for the reply. But i already now about this site, just tat resently got mail saying ty are selling da domain. Well n if i cant change the domain name i gs it wont be of much use as da contents would be diff. Ne way i'll contact ts ppl n c wat ever thing is possible.
Thanks guys again for all you help


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