Hope I'm in the right forum. I recently added some videos to my webpage on-line. Since I am on broadband cable they load and play almost instantly. Went to a friend's house who has DSL and checked and they load and play fast. Have a friend that tried it at work on a T1 connection and he said it took 25 seconds to load and play. Then I decided to check it out at my local library (who say they have a T3 connection) and it took 19 minutes to load and play.

I thought that the T1 connection, which I believe is used by businesses, was the fastest. So I also assumed that a T3 connection would also be fast. Where do these different connections fit in as far as speed goes. Is broadbans cable the fastest? Does the number of users on-line at the same time affect the speed on each connection? Any help to broaden my mind (which is narrowing at age 69) would be appreciated...

The T1 and T3 connections are probably stretched over many computers so your broadband is faster becasue it only has to work for your computer. Yes the amount of users on each line will make it go slower because there is less bandwidth for each user.

The connection at the library would be slower as it would be shared among all the computers based on the other computer's usage, when it comes to your friend with a t1 it is probably for 1 or 2 computers, in this case it might have been a connection problem, the bandwidth is not always at its best, you might have tried going to the site at a time when the connection was congested, or maybe your friend's pc is filled with spyware, is he using an anti spyware program?