My HP monitor is on the blink so I'm trying to get my Acer AT2001 TV/Monitor to work. On initial bootup all looks fine until windows starts coming up when my screen goes daft. I get the left hand side of the screen on the right hand side and the right hand side on the left with a black line down the middle. It takes great skill trying to click on things with the mouse as clickable items are also inverted. When I go into desktop properties - settings - advanced - monitor it says it's using the default monitor settings which are obviously wrong ! I can't see any drivers on the web for the Acer AT2001 plus I thought XP was supposed to detect new hardware and deal with it ... any ideas please ?

are u using vga, dvi, composite, component, hdmi, or svideo? if vga, run in safemode with video, or something like that and see if it works