I have an external app that writes out a very basic xml files that contains data that needs to be processed. For Example, one type of job would be a simple file copy.

So in the XML file there would be (among other bits of information about the job) things like

<User>Frank</User> ( for who submitted the job.)
<First Frame>Image_0001.jpg</First Frame>
<Last Frame>Image_0150..jpg</Last Frame>

I need to learn to write a program that does several things.

First it will scan a directory for these sort of xml data files.

Secondly, it will need a basic interface that lists the jobs in the queue, and whether or not they are done being processed.

Thirdly, it will have to support multiple job types. Each job type will have its own set of commands to run. The example above would be a very simple job that would copy (probably using xcopy) to copy all the images in a sequence between frame 0001 and frame 0150 of c:\tmp\Image_0001.jpg to d:\backup\. This job type of copy should probably also check the destdir to make sure they are identical, and then set the status of that job to completed.

Of course to do all of this, it will also need an interface. So whatever language/script I use must of course be able to produce a sort of small database and interface to keep track of which jobs have been processed.

My first question is, what language do you think this sort of thing would be best done in. I have some scripting experience in Lua, very basic python, and 2 semesters of c++, so i am a NOVICE in all those languages, but I understand scripting and programming a little and don't think it is too far of a stretch for me to learn how to do this. But I want to make sure I start down the right road with the best tool for the job, IE: the best language for this sort of program.

Thank you.

i would have to say, go with C++, it'll be kinda hard, but what i always say is "i have many ways to do stuff, which one's more fun?" so always take most challenging stuff :D

Yes. Ok. I know it will be fun, when its working. But I am starting at a very low level, and will need to do alot of training and research and learning in order to even make this happen. So I am not really looking for the one that will be the most fun, or the most difficult, or the easiest, what I am looking for is the language that is best suited for this sort of program. Best suited would imply stability, good error handling, decent enough interface design tools, cross platform compatibility would be excellent too, but not nessisary.

So not really, the most fun, or the most difficult, but in your opinions, which is the right tool for the job?


mmmm..... i would have to say....... mmmm.... haha i'm not completely sure, but i'll go with C++, you have extensive packages that could really help you achieve this.... if i could help with something, let's say:
whatever haha

just let me know ok?

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