I am in the process of looking for a new laptop and I am unsure which to get. My daughter as told me to get an Apple Mac but I have only ever used windows. At the moment I am using Vista which I really don't like but I am wary that I won't like the Apple Mac and won't know how to use it. Please can anyone tell me what the difference's are to en-able me to make my mind up

hi lianne, I bought an IMAC for my wife & a MACBOOK for my daughter. Both have always used a PC before. It took a short time for both of them to learn the new navigation on the MAC. but they love it. If you do photo editing, and graphics.... the mac is great. I still need my PC, but my next computer is going to be a MAC. I hope this helps you make the right decision. :)

Thanks for the reply, I am going to give the macbook a try

I have just bougth a MAc, like 2 weeks ago. The first day was kinda difficult but after a while I learned I won't buy a PC anymore. :)
Hope u lik it 2!

I'm using mac since two years ago. I work designing and developing information systems for a wide kind of users. I will not back to Microsoft/Pc's.

I've owned Macs all my life. About 15 years ago, our company purchased a few Macs for drafting procedures, making drawings of plant systems and processes. Eventually, the IT people were assimilated (resistance was futile I guess) and built a Novell PC network. We all got HP desktop computers and the Macs went by the wayside. I scooped them up and hooked them up to the network, which was pretty cool since the network couldn't see them and yet I could print to any company printer I hada driver for, includeing an awesome plotter!

The say PCs are business machines, where Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, Excel are all very important tools. As you might have guessed, you can buy that very same sweet for a Mac computer and sharing files with a PC is seemless. So, if you want a reliable stable operating system AND you need to be able to use the OFFICE suite of products, a Mac will do it. Heck, if you are so inclined and your maching is powerful enough you can get Virtual PC and run Windows.

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