I live in East london and teach ICT at a comprehensive school.

I am a self taught user of software and we have about 400 macs at school.

I have to teach my yr 11s how to create macros in an excel spreadsheet. this is for their GCSE course work.

I am hoping that someone somewhere will be abl help e with a simple expalnationas to how to do this.

I get this message when I try to create a button or stop recording.

'Workbook 1 ' could not be found.
Check the spelling of the file name and verify that the location is correct.
If you are trying to open the file form your list of most recently used files on the File menu, make sure that the file has not been renamed, moved or deleted.

I don't know how to overcome this problem, I may have to reset something but don't know what. any help will be appreciated.

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