Hi everyone,

I need the information about MCSE and CCNA.Can anyone guide me which needs to be done first after networking, MCSE or CCNA and why?How can I build my career in this networking..?which way to start first?


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Hey planning to start with anyone one of the certificate it might be MCP or CCNA could you help me out...? which would be the best to start.......?

That really depends on what you want to do. If you want to be a network admin then you should start with CCNA. If you want to be a sys admin start with your MCPs.

let me ask here.
How to prepare for CCNA. Could you give informations about the exams and Certificates?

Hey after doing MCSE certificates, if we get a job like helpdesk operator, where we help the customer for their desktop related problems. does this help to build our career in networking......? can anyone advice on this..?

If you have an MCSE you probably won't be a help desk operator, unless it is your very first job in the IT field and then any experience will help you out.

Is it possible for doing MCSA or do u have to go for MCSE and then MCSA. I approached one of the private companies here in uk, they charge somewhere on the line of £3-5k for the courses man. I thought its just too much of money to pay for these certifications. But i do want to go for MCSA and for that i have been scounging on net for tutorials, courseworks etc. Cant afford that kind of money at this time.


You have to get your MCSA before the MCSE. They build upon each other. You don't have to take a course for the certs. You can self study and take the tests on your own. I am one MCP away from my MCSA and I have spent about 350 dollars total so far. Here in the states the exams are $125 each. Then it's just the cost of the study material.

Thanks dude, well that is what i am wanting to do now to go for MCSA first. Cant be asked to dish out my hard earned money to some company for this course.


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