hello everybody,

i graduated in BS in Information Technology last October 2003, and i have worked as a XML Programmer for 9 months 2 months after i graduated. I got a chance to work K.S.A. as Computer Technician for two and a half years... but i didn't go back even despite of my Re-Entry VISA and a free ticket provided by my company.

i am in the midst of job hunting this time. i am very interested on Networking Administration esp. Telecommunication. Is taking
a second course such Electronic Communication Engineering necessary for me to get in the admin?

Thank you for all more insights regarding this,

admins usually take rhel/mcse/cne/ccne/cissp etc. electronics is more likely to be needed by engineers and some programmers

first you have BSC IT wich is specialized in information technology sector so i advice you to take networking courses like mcse,ccna,ccnp because the telecom sector you need at least to have BTECH in ECE(electronics and communication engineering) under your belt you may take up some telecom managment programme but the computer network is most suitable subject according to your background.

i hope that is enougth