My name is John and I have about 35* years experience in the IT field but certainly not as a developer. I started as a hardware tech back in the CPM days if anyone here is old enough to remember that. I have 15 years industry experience in Windows and Networking and spent my last 4 years in UNIX shops. Over all the UNIX experience was by far the best and I want to pursue this field if I can re-enter the job market. I am up there in years and have not worked really much in the IT field for 5 years so I will need to upgrade my skills and get a couple of certifications to make myself more marketable. I am playing around and keeping up my skills somewhat with the various Linux distros - right now using Ubuntu basically because it has the best terminal programs that don't foul up the screen with all the various colored letters and etc. that the Fedora and Red Hat terms do. This is highly irritating to me and I don't have the time or patience to hack the UNIX terminal programs which are very cryptic and over hacked like the X programs and etc.

As quoted by Dennis Ritchie:
"UNIX is simple. But It just needs a genius to understand its simplicity."

Thanks all! The Dennis Ritchie quote is great esp from a UNIX god like he is.

Welcome to DaniWeb. There several of us old farts around.